5/100 DAYS


5/100 DAYS

Today another picture from Picasso “3 swiming women” 1920 from my great old book from Gaston Diehl “Picasso”. He is my favorite artist ever. So I will pick some of his paintings, to do this challenge and do it in minisketches. Like this one today I did in not even 10 minutes. I will and I did use of course not the same material. And that is not my intention. It just gives me an inspiration, what to paint and to try diffrent things. As specially to paint or sketch people is very interesting to me, as I am not good at it and I try to study this more and more.

Today I used 4 colors (it was inpossible with just 3) Faber Castell Aquarello walnut brown no. 117, cadmium yellow no. 107, light ultramarine no. 140 and last but not least Caran D’Ache Luminance 6901 rose anthraquinone no. 571 (I love that color for skin work so much, one of my very favorite ones)

Maybe I will do another one today, as this was one with 4 colors – hmmmm lets see

Inspired by @naomitippingillustrator
#3materialsdrawingchallenge sketch no longer than 10 minutes

My favorite material:
#Caran d’ache, #Faber Castell, #ink rest see on each picture
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