30/100 DAYS


30/100 DAYS

Today is the 30th day!!!! Wow, I cannot believe it. Is this real??? I never had committed myself to such a long creativ challenge before, as I always thought, I would give up the latest after three days. This Challenge is really challenging me. Some days I had worked out 3 pieces right away, some days I did it at the really last minute. But I enjoyed it each time really much. When there was a bad day (and yes I had a few of those in the last 30 days) it really made my day brighter again, when I started a page again. Also, if It didn’t work out the way I thought of it.
Today I did the backpage of yesterday and the ink from the painting yesterday went through 2 pages. So tomorrow more of this too. I took my pencil and started. I found out, that it is a few of our mountains here. But I did it in our livingroom, sitting really relaxed and beeing in peace with myself, as I manage 30 days! YES!
As a little extra I had done some histamatic pictures

Inspired by @naomitippingillustrator
#3materialsdrawingchallenge sketch no longer than 10-30 minutes maximum. I really try 10 minutes each and every one.

My favorite material:
✏️#Carandache, #FaberCastell, #Stabilowoody
✒️#pentelink #ink
🎨 #acrylic ink from #liquitex
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